You payed for it, now get it back.


The Barclays Center is getting $1,600,000,000 in subsidies from you and me, the taxpayers of NYC.

That means every single resident of New York City will pay $194.04 to Bruce Ratner's bank account.

The Barclays Center will most likely make a profit its first year in operation.

That money belongs to us; we built this stadium, we should get our money back.

Tell Bruce Ratner you want your $194.06 back.


$450,000,000 in Corruption

Barclays Bank, who spent $400 million on the "naming rights" for Barclays Center for the next 20 years, recently payed a $450 million fine for manipulating the LIBOR, which is the rate it pays to borrow money to run its operations. By manipulating these rates year after year, Barclays managed to profit at the expense of people who borrowed money to buy homes, pay for college and pay down their credit card accounts. That is to say, Barclays profited by changing the interest rates that you paid.

You can read more about the Barclays Bank - LIBOR scandal here.